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Some girls, some tea, and the sea

We did an autumn morning swim with just girls (women) this weekend. I love how simple it is: just meet each other at the beach after sunrise, go for a swim, drink some tea, go home for breakfast. Turn up, don't turn up, see how you feel in the morning, come for a swim, or just for the view. Simple, yet powerful.

In that moment you can just be... a woman who sits on a beach with other women, goes for a swim, drinks some tea, and goes home.

In that moment you're not a mother, sister, partner, employee, student, employer, immigrant, flatmate, or any another label we often talk about and worry about with 'grown up's'. That is, you are still all those things, but they are secondary to who you are in this simple moment: being outside, feeling the wind on your face, hearing the waves hit the beach, birds awakening.

In that moment, you might still be thinking about other things, and yet, you feel the water, warm or cold, surrounding your body and eventually convincing you to surrender and enjoy the moment. Diving into it.

And when you go home, everything feels more wholesome, right, in harmony, clear, ... Everything feels more.

How do you create a diving-into-the-moment for yourself?



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